10/05/20 Snippet, PATCHWORK GOD.

Bad physics! Bad! No biscuit!


I did a little time dilation of my own as I scrambled around, under, and a couple of times over various pieces of suddenly-mobile office furniture. Partially because I needed to think as fast as I was moving, but mostly because I wanted the Blasphemous Tome focused absolutely on me. Sort of like screaming in somebody’s ear to distract them, only with more casual abuse of the local laws of physics. Which is why it was only a little time dilation; the last thing we needed right now was to make it easier for the Tome to escape. This amount of distraction was enough.

This particular Tome was a talker, and once it figured out that I wasn’t human (ugh) or from the Loyalists (double ugh) it started trying to convince me to just let it run away. As, to quote the humans, if; but I let it drone on and on about fellow travelers and following our nature and non serviam while I sidestepped corkscrewing computer monitors — which gave me an idea; I grabbed two by their power cords and started spinning them around like nunchuks. The cords would pop off in a second or two, sure… but at the speed I was moving at, that effectively meant ‘some time from now.’