New phone! Not a Jesusphone!

I thought about it, but I haven’t been impressed with Apple’s products since the Toymaker died.  There’s just something missing there, now. So I replaced the Amazon Fire Phone (yeah, I bought one of those) with a Samsung Galaxy J7* and put in a SD card for an extra 64 gigs.  Why? Because I am now transferring all of my music to my phone, and iTunes can go whistle.  I’m tired of dealing with their nonsense.  After I get everything cleaned up, I’m resetting both the old phone and the iPod, parental-controlling them, and handing them off to my kids to play with.  They’re both perfectly good video cameras for small children, after all.

Alas, all of this means that I had to miss the movie. I’ll go see It tomorrow.

Moe Lane

*The one that doesn’t explode. I made sure to ask.

So my phone is starting to die…

…it’s a 2 GB RAM, 32 GB storage Amazon Fire phone, and I just need something that can access Twitter, read Kindle books, and actually make calls. Price is, unfortunately, an object these days.  I’m also on an AT&T plan whose phone number I’d rather not lose: I’ve already switched my cell phone number three or four times in the last six years.

I probably will be getting a soft sell on this tomorrow at the store, so let me ask now: your thoughts on this?

My review of the Amazon Fire Phone.

Bottom line is… the Amazon Fire Phone is a phone, sorry. I don’t speak uber-tech, or whatever: I can tell you that the phone is big enough to be able to see things on it; that it recharges pretty quick; that Twitter has been known to freeze more than that it does on my iPod; and that the map function, thankfully, works fine and can get you somewhere else even when you’ve gotten seriously lost. The layout is a lot like the Amazon Kindle Fire itself; it pulled my Kindle books over, no problem.

And, you know, you can make calls on it.

Bottom line is, there are glitches to the thing – I actually largely use it as a phone, because email and Twitter both are still a little hesitant to interface with it – but while it’s not as flashy as an iPhone the Amazon phone is also a danged sight cheaper, while doing the same basic tasks. God knows why I needed yet another electronic gadget to keep me wired, but this one hasn’t made me regret buying it yet. Although, admittedly, I need a cell phone these days anyway (and I don’t like that at all)…

You know, this might be a viable alternative to getting a JesusPhone.

God knows it’ll almost certainly be cheaper.

Amazon is planning to announce a new phone June 18 that will use lots of cutting edge mobile technology to unite real-world shopping with Amazon’s online marketplace.

Not surprisingly, the phone is ideal for shopping with a large screen and multiple 3D cameras and sensors built in, a source with knowledge of the device told VentureBeat.

I wonder if it’ll support a decent text editor? It’s supposed to be a little larger than usual, the better to help people use it for shopping.