Creature Seed: Pollies [GURPS]


Pollies [GURPS]

ST 20; DX 5; IQ 5; HT 40;

Move 3; DR 10; SM +2

This species is originally from a frigid planet with no oxygen in its very thin atmosphere, and covered with extensive but shallow seas of somewhat diluted glycerin.  Pollies are technically amphibious; it is more accurate to say that they do not breathe and are mostly resistant to changes in atmospheric pressure.  Modern breeds have been genetically adapted to live comfortably enough in vacuum; they are not suited for Earthlike conditions. The species is about the size and weight of a 20th century minivan; it has four eyes (two each, front and back), four mouths (one on each side), and a set of cilia on which it slowly moves around.  Pollies reproduce by egg-laying; the eggs typically outgas a mildly disgusting smell to discourage predators.


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