So, looks like I may be missing Shaft in theaters.

Turns out no morning showings near me and I couldn’t catch it over the weekend because I had to deal with stuff. And, starting Wednesday, the schedule goes kerplooey with the winding down of school*. Ach, well. At least I was able to get in MiB: International.

Moe Lane

*We’re making up inclement weather days. Yay?

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Off to see MiB: International.

Figured it out; will see MiB: International today, and Shaft on Father’s Day. I even have enough credits to get a free ticket, and maybe they’ll upgrade my popcorn or something because it’s a dad holiday and I’m a dad. Or not. The movie theaters do give out quirky little specials for this reason or that, but you can’t really expect them on cue. Or for the specials to make all that much sense.

I hope the movies don’t suck!


The conundrum: Shaft, or MiB International?

They both come out on the same day, you see. Both have their points; I want to see both, but realistically I’m not going to see both. The MiB franchise is shaky (to be polite about it); this latest Shaft offering may be a little too deferential to the modern era’s sensibilities. Or maybe not (do not click that link to the trailer at work, or in front of small children, or your mother).

Crud: I had half-talked myself into MiB International while writing this. Now I’m back on the damn fence again. Maybe I should be trying to figure out how to finesse this…


The ‘This is the Best Trailer of 2019 so far’ Shaft Trailer.

The Shaft trailer started slow, got better when Samuel L Jackson showed up, and became MADE OUT OF TRANSCENDENT GLORY when Richard Roundtree did. Because they could get him, and they did get him, and now all is right with the world.


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