GURPS In Nomine Revisited: Sin’an.

Sin’an 8_12 pt – Google Docs

Sin’an                                               8/12 pt

Primary Skill: Sin’an
Secondary Skills: Body Language, Tactics
Optional Skills: Acrobatics, various melee weapons, Shield
Maneuvers: Breakfall, Disarm, Elbow Strike, Ground Fighting, Knee Strike, Stamp Kick (1pt), Sweeping Kick
Cinematic Maneuvers: Roll With Blow
Cinematic Skills: Blind Fighting, Immovable Stance, Push, see below

(At the GM’s option, Sin’an adepts might also buy Extra Hit Points; this would be appropriate even for non-cinematic practitioners of the style.)

At its most basic, Sin’an is an unarmed style, but students also often study hand weapon techniques and shield use.  Sin’an focuses on controlling the battlefield, and making good use of the ground; a user of Sin’an will often prefer to enter close combat, grapple, and then either throw or slam his opponent down.  Sin’an also teaches attacks that are useful when grappling.  Though not part of the main martial style, Sin’an teachers who also teach weapon skills often provide a good overview of those weapons’ close combat techniques.   (more…)

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