…Wait, people steal Nativity Baby Jesi*?

This is a thing?

It’s a problem some churches didn’t know how to handle until now. One security company is using its power to partner with a symbol that needs a little help this holiday season.

Each year, Baby Jesus figurines are stolen from nativity scenes across the country.

The response to this is to put GPS devices into the figurines… which should work, but the underlying problem is still just a little bit alarming, if ‘alarming’ can be extended to include the term ‘sad and pathetic.’ On the other hand, you probably can.  On the gripping hand, in a country the size of ours you can probably find twenty, thirty people in it willing to be dolts…

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

*I believe that the plural of ‘Jesus’ would be ‘Jesi.’ And this would be probably the only time that actually using that plural would be appropriate and non-blasphemous…