The Crimson City of Milwaukee [The Day After Ragnarok]

Crimson City of Milwaukee – Google Docs

The Crimson City of Milwaukee

[The Day After Ragnarok]


City: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Population: 50,000/300,000

Controls: Central-eastern Wisconsin

Government: Despotism

Problem: Food Shortage

Heroic Opportunity: Mercenary Work

City Aspect: Militaristic


Milwaukee, Wisconsin was always a haven for Reds; and after the Serpentfall the local Communists were organized enough to take control of the city.  Technically, current mayor (and Socialist) Frank Zeidler was democratically elected; however, the People’s Councils that guarantee Zeidler’s rule have shown no interest in ever having another election.  Mayor Zeidler is thus in the unique position of being a despot who can do anything — except change the system.


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