#rsrh Announcing the Cunning Hat Initiative. #firefly #browncoats #tcot

The Avengers’ 200 million dollar opening this weekend is… well, it’s a thing.  So much of a thing that it caused Jonah Goldberg to tweet “So, now that Joss Whedon is Hollywoods’s master now, can he please bring back Firefly?”  Which is a darn good question.

Now, here’s the thing: I know things.  For example, I know what the actual percentage of secret geeks is in politics, and it’s higher than you might think.  I know it because people sidle up to me at political events and admit, yeah, they read comic books/game/play online RPGs/watch shows like Firefly.  And I also know that Firefly resonates with people on my side of the political spectrum – much to Joss Whedon’s own bemusement, reportedly.


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