USPS at risk at not making payroll?

Elections have consequences.

Back last month, House Minority Leader John Boehner made the following comment about government-run health care options:

“Listen, if you like going to the DMV and you think they do a great job, or you like going to the post office and think it’s the most efficient thing you’ve run into, then you’ll love the government-run health care system that they’re proposing because that’s basically what you’re going to have,”

…to which a variety of people who do, indeed, love the DMV/Post Office as examples of government-run agencies reacted in various levels of reflexively sardonic befuddlement.  The DMV comparison was usually skipped over, in favor of the USPS: after all, what’s wrong with them?  44 cents for a stamp, send it out, gets where it’s going.  Great, right?

Sure.  Until they can’t make payroll. (more…)

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