‘How can you be sure there won’t be vacuum pockets left in the chamber…’

“…that someone could accidentally stick their head into?”

(h/T: Meryl Yourish) This was an actual quote, supposedly, in relation to the delayed certification of a vacuum chamber by a bureaucrat. Also requiring resolution was where the vacuum would end up going if the chamber was suddenly vented and whether there were any additional safeguards to keep people from accidentally letting the vacuum out besides the need to exert fifty tons of force in order to open the door. This was all necessary because vacuum was defined as an “asphyxiant…” yes, laugh at the silly bureaucrats. The scientists can’t, though: it took them three weeks to find somebody to overrule the certification process, and the bureaucrats were apparently touchy on the subject for some time afterward.

Please contemplate this story the next time that the topic of how to implement increased regulation comes up in conversation. Because those are the details that the devil likes to be in.

Moe Lane

PS: I’m not really being dour about this. Just mildly tired.

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