In Nomine Revisited: The Wave Motion Gun.

Wave Motion Gun

Relic/6 (unknown and obnoxious Song) 18pt*

Self powered  0pt

Disturbance: special -8pt

Fragility: Unbreakable, dammit +5pt

Tracking: special -2pt

Use Restriction: Ranged Weapon roll -1pt

Visibility: Automatically detected (hoo, yeah) -3pt

Total Cost:  9pt

*The Essence cost of zero adds 6 per level to the cost, and the universal reaction modifier of -3 per level takes it right back.

Yup, Sparky only thought that he had cleaned out Vapula’s stash of vintage anime tapes. Incidentally, the VCR of the Prince of Technology is a subtle and frightening artifact, indeed — but that’s an artifact for another time.


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