Yet another Northeaster to hit, ah, Northeast.

It’s scheduled to miss me, and my relatives in coastal New Jersey should be all right — but my relatives in New England are gonna get hammered, yet again.  There’s been a lot of snow up there. So if you’re up there, buckle down. I swear, it will be June again, some day*.

Moe Lane

*Eighty.  You can hold out for eighty more days, right? It’s not that hard.

Looks like my NJ relatives are going to get another weather dose.

My father-in-law’s already retreated from the Poconos — ten inches of snow, no heat, no electric, no running water — and my mom’s supposed to get anywhere from six inches to a foot by Wednesday. Fortunately everybody’s fine, but winter’s making one last shot at the Jersey Shore this year. Meanwhile, I’ll be surprised if we get anything more than rain.

Stay safe on the roads this week, ye readers from the East Coast.

So, a hard rain’s gonna fall on DC this weekend…

[UPDATE]: The rain has started.  But I have pot roast, and I have Madeira.  I believe that I shall be able to weather this storm.

…sufficiently so that my wife decided to work from home this morning.  I figure that we probably won’t lose power, but if I suddenly go dark here, it’s because a transformer blew up, or something.  Fortunately, we don’t live in a flood zone anymore, and isn’t dealing with that sort of thing fun, fun, fun?

Comes now the Time of the White-Sky-Ice-Water DOOOOOOOOM…

…otherwise known as a ‘Winter Storm Warning for Baltimore/Washington.’  This sort of thing is easily the best entertainment for anybody in this region who isn’t from this region; the locals reliably freak out over anything that isn’t a dusting.  Although, to be fair: six to ten inches is a major snowfall where I come from, too*. And to be doubly fair: they don’t get snow too often in lower Maryland.

So: shopping tomorrow morning, King Kong for lunch, then sit out the next two days in comfort and suchlike.  Maybe I’ll make some cocoa. And hope that the tendonitis is even better still by Tuesday.

Moe Lane

*The people from North Dakota may start laughing now, of course.

It’s like winter woke up…

…from taking a nap at the office, realized that it slept through most of the season, and still had to get at least some token snowfall in before spring hits.  Only problem is, there’s an ongoing warm weather project going on that has a hard deadline, so the snow has to be implemented during slack time.  At least, that’s my explanation for how inconstant the weather is this year.  We’re expecting snow here once, maybe twice in the next week.

Well, we do need the precipitation. And at least it’s not last year. They were closing the schools down here left and right in Winter 2016….

Oh, God, not *another* winter storm.

Here we go…

…Wait a second.

WAIT A SECOND. Can it be?


YES! YES, IT IS! Freedom! Blessed, blessed freedom. It’ll all go somewhere else for a change. “Oh frabjous day! Calooh, callay! – he chortled in his joy.”

It’s bad when you look at a seven day forecast…

…like this:


And then you say “HEY, WOW, THAT’S GREAT!” I mean, shoot, at this rate on Sunday I’ll be ready to go hit the pool.  And I mean literally hit the pool: any water that’s still in there (I assume that the property managers drain it every year) isn’t going to melt in a single day of just-above-freezing.

Spring can’t come quickly enough, at this point.  Or, shoot, a runaway greenhouse effect. As many people have noted: the nice thing about greenhouses is that they’re hot*.

Moe Lane

*Also, wet.  Which is why we grow things in them.