You know, people do get the Rangel thing.

You just have to go out there and tell them about it (H/T: Instapundit):

Seriously. These folks get it. They know that their taxes are too high – and, more importantly, that these days you need to be an accountant or tax lawyer to file properly. They know that the people running things are isolated from the people with real jobs. And they know that there’s something seriously wrong with having four rent-stabilized apartments as your primary residence. I’ve worked in residential real estate in NYC; that’s not a scandal, that’s a calculated insult. And if they didn’t know, and you actually bother to tell them, hey: they’ll react sensibly to the news. Imagine how an organized effort might look…

Yes, yes, yes. They’ll never let a Republican win Rangel’s district. It’s hopeless, no matter how corrupt the incumbent is. Can’t be done; shouldn’t even waste time trying.

Just like in LA-02.

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