And here I was about to note Glenn’s Heinlein reference.

That’d be Glenn Reynolds, who made it in the process of noting Robert S McCain’s smacking around of Glenn Greenwald over the latter’s latest bout of hysterics – over, of all things, Megan McArdle’s perfectly normal (ahem) question about the Gitmo trials. Alas, Glenn Reynolds has since updated, and Robert McCain’s updated, and probably Greenwald updated, which I could probably find out about if I cared.

So there’s no excuse to put up this link to The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. Except that it’s a book that you really need to read if you want to talk to digital libertarians above the age of about 25 or so. Besides, there’s my own pride at stake: I’d hate for people to think that I wasn’t picking up on other bloggers’ classical references.

4 thoughts on “And here I was about to note Glenn’s Heinlein reference.”

  1. My favorite Heinlein book, by far. It seems to me the distillation of all his personal political thought, from “From us, the living” to that point. Everything after that merely added to the basic thesis – “tanstaafl”

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