I cannot take this worst-movie list of Ed Morrissey’s seriously.

It completely lacks Batman & Robin.

[UPDATE] Welcome, Hot Air readers: for the record, while I agree with Ed’s “no sequel” rule in principle, in practice B&R is simply too transcedently bad to withstand any attempts to remove it from consideration.  Constant Reader Matt in comments also suggests Dracula – Dead and Loving It and Zardoz

If you don’t remember the last one, don’t look it up.

Just… don’t.

12 thoughts on “I cannot take this worst-movie list of Ed Morrissey’s seriously.”

  1. OK, I’m late to the game but I have my own movies to add.

    1. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

    Yes, some poor fool might try and demand that I hand in my geek card for daring to blaspheme against the above holy name, but that movie needs to be buried and the earth above it salted. I lasted only about ten minutes before hitting the stop button and drinking enough alcohol to short out the neuron the memory of that movie resided on. Sure, they are a good punchline and side gag in Dogma and Chasing Amy, but the act isn’t funny enough to justify a movie.

    2. Demon Under Glass

    I really wanted to like this one. Honest. After all, Jason Carter had a damn good role in Babylon 5. But that one lasted five minutes before the recording was deleted and the above-mentioned alcohol based cleaning was used. I’ve seen porn with better audio levels and superior acting. The only reason I could see Jason starring in it is that he lost a bet.

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