The end of the quote-unquote ‘Kimmel Occupation.’

That’s right.  Smile for the nice man with the other camera who’s filming you for your expulsion hearings.

Before you click this link (language warning), do yourself a favor: pour yourself a glass of wine, or other favorite tasty, tasty beverage; assemble a little platter of light fare, suitable for nibbling; and, of course, make sure that you have refreshed yourself. If you have a choice of chairs, go for the comfortable one. Take a couple of centering breaths. Familiarize yourself with the background to this.

All done?

Then click (language warning).


Via Hot Air and The Daily Gut.

Moe Lane

PS: There’s an observation about these kids’ – and I use the term deliberately; their professors have deliberately stunted the emotional growth of every student that you’ll be seeing – gear that it’d be impolitic for me to explicitly point out. You’ll get it if you watch to the end, though.

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6 thoughts on “The end of the quote-unquote ‘Kimmel Occupation.’”


    Alex Lotorto is the camera-‘person’ doing the filming. He does not go to NYU and has recently had his Facebook account disabled (then reinstated) for writing dumb things on the US Marines facebook page. This is a facebook page he started as a protest to get his original account reinstated. Doing a search for Alex Lotorto in facebook search shows two profiles, leading me to believe he simply created another one when the first was disabled.

    The common thread here is that the kid continues to “demonstrate” in privately owned spaces, both physical and digital, with no recognition that they are privately owned by people that can govern their use.

  2. Sorry to leave a 2nd comment, but this quote from the NYU cameraman asking for his facebook page to be reinstated really is a liberal gem:

    “Because I used my profile for a TON of organizing and networking among activists with over 1,000 friends, in over 300 groups (I think), and a ton of notes, slam poems, links, and a 3-year history of my radicalization, from yellow-dog Democrat to anarchisty not-so-sure antiestablishmentarian.”

    keywords: slam poems, and basically anything after the words “history of my radicalization…”

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