#rsrh A reason to drink in DC.

Watching Democratic soon to be ex-staffers try to come to grips with this marvelous economy that they’ve given the rest of us should be quite entertaining.

The Great Shellacking of 2010 will throw more than 2,000 Democratic congressional staffers out of their jobs.

Mind you, Erick Erickson over at RedState had some pointers for them.  Note the time stamp: this situation really shouldn’t have been a surprise to anybody.

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Moe Lane

The end of the quote-unquote ‘Kimmel Occupation.’

That’s right.  Smile for the nice man with the other camera who’s filming you for your expulsion hearings.

Before you click this link (language warning), do yourself a favor: pour yourself a glass of wine, or other favorite tasty, tasty beverage; assemble a little platter of light fare, suitable for nibbling; and, of course, make sure that you have refreshed yourself. If you have a choice of chairs, go for the comfortable one. Take a couple of centering breaths. Familiarize yourself with the background to this.

All done?

Then click (language warning).


Via Hot Air and The Daily Gut.

Moe Lane
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