A roundup of today’s Tea Parties.

“Of what use is a baby?”

Glenn Reynolds has two very large links (here and here [the latter being the main page; the link’s goofed up for some reason]). See also Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, the Repurblican, Gateway Pundit, GayPatriot, Riehl World View, Ace of Spades, and a whole bunch of others for details. The biggest one was in St Louis, with about a thousand on hand; I’m going to guess that they probably broke ten thousand nationwide. Not bad for a movement two weeks old, and made up of a bunch of people who all work for a living.

At least, it’s not bad today. Clearly, now that we’re starting to understand the operating principles, the next wave of these are going to have to kick it up a notch…

Moe Lane

PS: This bit from the MSNBC story on the San Diego Tea Party sums up the movement very well, I think:

Protesters tossed large clear plastic bags — stuffed with shredded paper — into the harbor. The bags has strings attached that were used to retrieve them later.

Because those props symbolizing tea aren’t going to clean themselves up afterward, you know. And it’s not like the harbor workers are going to get overtime for cleaning up somebody else’s mess…

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