Blizzard is having a writer’s contest.

Details here.

I must admit, it sounds… intriguing. The Necromancer was always my guy in Diablo 2; you could get a nice tactical formation going at the higher levels, even in solo play. But I don’t want to bore the non-gamers.

3 thoughts on “Blizzard is having a writer’s contest.”

  1. I used to play The Necromancer too! I don’t care what anyone said, I loved my small army of skeletons. They did all the fighting for me. Couple them with the right mix of curses and the Bone Armor/Spear, I was pretty much unstoppable. Good times.

  2. Get the Rogue mercenary; keep her; get the fastest missile weapon that you can carry, and snipe your opponents as they get held up on the line of your guys. Usually not too hard to make it self-sustaining, as long as you have enough mana.

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