Code Pink’s ongoing humiliation.

Or, the neocons induct its newest member.

In one of the more memorable television moments yesterday, the lunatic Democratic fringe group known as Code Pink got smacked in public for being, well, Code Pink:

I understand that there are some people for whom rational discussion is not an appropriate means of expressing themselves. You are entitled to do that in general, but not in a way that interrupts those of us who are trying to have rational discussions… I do not know how you think you advance any cause to which you might be attached by this kind of silliness.

Who said it? Clearly a hardcore neoconservative or war hawk, yes? Bobby Jindal? Tom Coburn? Sarah Palin? Thad McCotter? Mark Sanford? Marsha Blackburn?

Nope. Barney Frank.

You see, it’s completely different when it’s being done to him. Frank and the rest of the Democratic establishment were perfectly happy to let Code Pink run around and scream at their moral betters when it came to the Iraq liberation; after all, it cost them nothing (in fact, Code Pink threw quite a bit of money the Democrats’ way) and might have distracted us at crucial moments. But the Democrats run things now, and Barney Frank doesn’t need Code Pink’s money to win reelection personally, and their interference on this matter will get in the way of the Democrats’ mishandling of the economic meltdown. All of which means that the group needed to be spanked in public, which Frank proceeded to do, as only a hypocritical establishment politician can.

To reinforce the message, on the off chance that a Code Pink member or supporter reads this: this is an exceptionally clear sign about just how used and despised the antiwar movement is among Democrats. And deservedly so: the Democrats’ casual and cynical exploitation of those deluded (at best) and/or quite vile (at worst) organizations was breathtakingly unsubtle. The Democrats got away with it because Code Pink and others were so violently ashamed at the way that George W Bush was a better human being than they were when it came to promoting freedom and democracy that they were ready to believe anybody with a (faked) sympathetic ear – and a (not fake) hand being held out for money. The ear’s gone. The hand still remains, though. It must be understood that yesterday’s correction by Frank does not relieve the progressive movement of the obligation of blindly supporting the Democratic party in all things.

Well, what are they going to do about it? Vote Republican?

Moe Lane

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