Star Trek premieres… in Kuwait.

I meant to post on this story about the Star Trek movie and crew over the weekend, but never got around to it until AoSHQ reminded me:

I am in the Army and currently deployed to Kuwait. We have a movie theater on post that shows “second run” movies, meaning that we get the movie about a week or two after they are released in the states. At times, a special effort is made to show the movie here on the same date it is released in the states. With that being said, I was shocked to see the movie schedule that was published for the first half of April. According to this schedule the new Star Trek movie will have a “special premier” on April 11th. I found it very hard to believe that we would be able to view a big “summer time blockbuster” movie that won’t premiere in the States for another 27 days.

Sure enough, the movie actually did get played today and I was able to get in to see it not just once, but twice. Not only did the movie arrive in Kuwait, but J.J. Abrams and most of the “bridge crew” cast (Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Eric Bana and Karl Urban) were here as well.

I have been on the record as being worried about this movie, but like AoSHQ and doubleplusundead, I can’t help but react more positively to JJ Abrams because of it. I mean, merely sending along the film reels would have been a touch of class; actually having the director and crew there and available to the troops was above and beyond.

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