Back from the DC Tax Day Tea Party.

Very short version: organizers estimate 3,000 altogether. I am not trained in crowd estimating, but it was busy when I got there an hour early with a buddy and stayed busy up to the point where persons currently unknown (although certainly people weren’t shy of guessing) temporarily closed Lafayette Park by tossing a box over the White House fence around 2:30 or so. The nature and tone of the demonstration can be accurately described by this fact: when we were let back in, one of the organizers called for a cheer for the Secret Service for the fast and efficient way that they did their jobs – and got one. This despite the fact that said Secret Service had to shut down the Treasury stage site the day of the protest. Or the fact that by then we had been rained upon for roughly three hours straight.

I have a bunch of videos, which I’ll be putting up as I process them. It was a good time: lots of polite people, lots of American flags, surprisingly little litter. Picture gallery below.

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9 thoughts on “Back from the DC Tax Day Tea Party.”

  1. this truly was a great Day. it’s about damned time.
    do not stop we must do this at least monthly. keep pounding on your local representitives.
    we must not let up


  2. Could you tell us a bit about the makeup of the crowd?

    Note: You repeated the photos twice.

  3. So I did. I will deal with it. Eventually. 🙂

    As for the makeup: folks. I think that everybody I talked to lived in the area, and they were pleasant, reasonable, and exceptionally annoyed at the our ballooning deficit.

  4. I arrived a fair bit before the temporary closing and hung around for a while when we were let back in. Definitely a good crowd, as evidenced by the cheer for the Secret Service and the DCPD.

    Nice gallery. I have some pics (mostly of signs) over at my site.

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