When did garbage like this become acceptable? [UPDATED]

Via Amander Carpenter’s Twitter, “this” being a list of ten conservative women that a Playboy Forum author would like to “hate-“… I’m not going to finish that term. Amanda’s on the list, which makes this a rather personal insult for her; but it’s plenty ugly on its own.

You know, when I was a Democrat – and reading Playboy, might I add – the magazine would have rather gnawed off a leg than offer this level of misogyny to women, in any medium that sported their corporate logo. What the hell happened?

Moe Lane

PS: There’s a rather obvious omission, by the way. Probably because this Guy Cimbalo person is too scared of her husband stopping by and kicking his ass.

[UPDATE] PPS: See also here, in the ‘credit where credit is due’ folder.

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  1. Looks like Playboy took down the page. Ah, those courageous progressive souls!

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