Yet another slightly panicky call for POTUS to bring his A-game.

I love reading articles like this (and for this one, all you need is the title):

It’s time for Obama to take off the kid gloves

Not that my love of articles like this reflects anything except a stain on my character, given that I enjoy them as the political equivalent of drunken hobo fight videos*.  I may not have learned much in the last six years, but once thing that I have taken away from my observations is that people who are losing political battles tend to fight as hard as they know how.  Which is not the same as ‘as hard as one would like,’ or ‘as hard as they can.’  So, when somebody has a problem with energy and/or skill levels of a particular candidate, at some point the possibility should be addressed that the actual problem lies in the actual candidate, and not in his or her methods or strategy.  Which is what I think the case is here.

Put another way: the President can’t take off the kid gloves.  They’re already off.

Moe Lane

*Admittedly, I’ve never actually watched a drunken hobo fight video, but I can extrapolate from the commercials.

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2 thoughts on “Yet another slightly panicky call for POTUS to bring his A-game.”

  1. Obama can’t really fight back because there’s no one to fight back against. He’s being opposed by the silent majority of Americans, not a single figure like he was in the campaign.

    He can’t call ordinary citizens nazis, that didn’t work. He can’t blame the corporate suits, since most of them are in his back-pocket and are funding him. He could go after Glenn Beck, but he did that earlier in the year against Limbaugh and that failed. There is THAT WOMAN, but he’s scared to even mention her by name, so he can’t blame her.

    Now, when there is a single Republican nominee in 2011/2012, then he might ‘fight back’ by using his insipid “we all put our country first” and “He won’t even follow Osama to a cave in Pakistan” lines. But I doubt they’ll have any oomph a second time around.

    It’s going to be a long three years for the Dems.

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