CBO: Tort reform would save $164B over ten years.

54 billion in deficit reduction, 110 billion in reduced health care costs. Via the CBO’s blog, via Hot Air.

That’s a decent amount of savings, there: it’s a shame that the Democratic party would rather that trial lawyers got the money. After all, trial lawyers can be counted on to give the Democrats some of it.

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3 thoughts on “CBO: Tort reform would save $164B over ten years.”

  1. Wait a second, the savings , even if it is that big is from the fantasy defensive medicine. So the money doesn’t come from the trial lawyers, it’s the money that the doctors are claiming they get to do false and unnecessary tests. The real saving will be for bad doctors that kill people and will get away with it and for the insurance companies that give money to guess who? and give it well beyond what any trial lawyer gives.

  2. We will never see tort reform during the Obama reign. Even George Bush, who understood the need for tort reform to his core, couldn’t get it through a GOP congress. Now, with Dems in control, it’s a Trial Lawyer holiday of fun. They are the only constituency who argue to preserve the status quo. I wonder why. See http://www.MDWhistleblower.blogspot.com under Legal Quality category.

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