Antiwar hero Scott Ritter nabbed in teen sex sting.


A former chief United Nations weapons inspector is accused of contacting what he thought was a 15-year-old girl in an Internet chat room, engaging in a sexual conversation and showing himself masturbating on a Web camera.

Scott Ritter of Delmar, N.Y., who served as chief U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991-98 and who was an outspoken critic of the second Bush administration in the run-up to the war in Iraq, is accused of contacting what turned out to be a Barrett Township police officer posing undercover as a teen girl.

Via Ace of Spades, via Sweetness & Light, and color me unsurprised.  I mean, hey: UN official.

Moe Lane

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  1. Scott is just getting out some resume enhancement… trying for a job in the Obama Administration

  2. How could you not know that the 15 year old is a cop?I never use the internet to pick up under age girls, I go to the… Wait…nevermind…

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