What Hath Breitbart Wrought?

This sentence from the latest PPP Brown/Coakley poll jumped out at me:

Overall 25% of voters in the state think ACORN will mess with the Senate election while 38% don’t and 37% are unsure.

Tom Jensen’s been making a good-faith (and I think, largely successful) effort to keep his own political bias out of his firm’s polling, so I don’t blame him for not pointing out that this means that almost 2/3rds of the population of Massachusetts is willing to believe that ACORN could be planning election fraud.  In Massachusetts.

Mr. Breitbart, take a bow.

Moe Lane

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3 thoughts on “What Hath Breitbart Wrought?”

  1. He was openly taunting ACORN and SEIU on Twitter yesterday. Think he has crews on the ground?

  2. I’ve worried for awhile that this election might not be out of the margin of fraud. 51-46 Brown would probably turn into a 50/50 win by exactly enough manufactured votes contest that the Dems are so good at.

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