Adam Kinzinger (IL-11) for Congress.

Now that the Illinois primary is over, we can show you the official GOP candidate for IL-11. Meet Adam Kinzinger:

(Donate to Adam Kinzinger here: he’s trying to raise 10K by 02/10/10.)

Adam’s a fiscal conservative, military veteran (Air NG, served overseas), and pro-life; his hobbies include toppling incumbents in elections, advocating smaller government, and subduing would-be knife-wielding maniacs with his bare hands. His opponent, Debbie Halvorson, is best known for folding like a cheap suit over cap-and-trade, then running and hiding over health care rationing like most of the rest of the supposedly ‘moderate’ Democrats in Red Districts. IL-11 is a R+1 district, so check Adam out.

Moe Lane

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