Retracto the Correction Alpalca vs. Max Blumenthal of Salon. #rsrh (content warning)

I really hope that Salon didn’t pay top dollar for that dreary racism hit piece against James O’Keefe in the first place, because Retracto makes it pretty clear that Blumenthal didn’t give them their money’s worth.  However you want to score it.

I would feel sorry for the people that actually rely on as a news source, if this is what they’re paying for; only, I’m reminded of what the great Rev. Ivan Stang of the Church of the SubGenius said* of ur/o/lag/ni/a videos**:

“Trying to masturbate to this would be a real challenge.”

Yet, they seem up to the task***.

Moe Lane

*From the classic HIGH WEIRDNESS BY MAIL – and I not only own a copy; I own an autographed copy.

**If you don’t know, don’t look it up.  Treasure your innocence.  And don’t blame me for your curiosity, either.

***As it were.