Oh, *no*. *More* political maps inciting violence!

Putting targets on Congressmen!

They even explicitly used the word ‘targeting!’ Those awful Republicans!

…Oh, wait, that’s a DCCC map. Dated February of this year. Look at it fast, before they sanitize.

Verum Serum has much, much more; including one more Democratic map from 2004 (which includes the perfectly nonviolent phrase ‘Behind Enemy Lines’). Look, I know that the DCCC pulls in its personnel from the shallow end of the Democratic Party’s political gene pool these days, but surely they can at least check first the stuff that gets babbled by Van Hollen, yes? This kind of language has a long history to it, and given that yet another Republican office has been vandalized (this time in Michigan), I think that it’s time that the Democrats start cooling their inflammatory rhetoric suggesting otherwise…

Moe Lane

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