#rsrh VDH: Obama now Bush III?

Well, yes and no.

So here we are back at the beginning — the Nobel Laureate is a continuance of George Bush on the war against terror; he has sized up both his domestic and foreign supporters and understood that their former outrage was not principled but largely emotional, driven by short-term political considerations, and thus centered on the caricature of a white, male, Christian, Texan cowboy, conjuring up all the easy tropes of anti-Americanism. Obama, to his credit, figured out that the Western world wanted to be kept safe, and that Bush had figured out how to do that, and that his own messianic presence could square that circle by being the un-Bush Bush.

The donkey in the room that Victor Davis Hanson is not addressing is rendition: which the Bush administration abandoned, in favor of Gitmo; which we have started up doing again; and which will cause a major foreign policy firestorm when the first pictures get smuggled out of Pakistan (or wherever we’ve ended up sending suspected terrorists).  That’s the other major reason* why I don’t make the welkin ring on Obama’s plagiarizing of Bush’s GWOT strategy; in at least one major way, he hasn’t.

And, naturally, it’s the one place where he should have made sure to.  One wonders why the Secretary of State didn’t warn him off…

Moe Lane

*The first being that if you’re going to steal the ideas in private of a man who you habitually (and insecurely) deride in public, the absolute best that you’ll get out of me is silence.

[UPDATE] Glenn Reynolds raises an excellent point about hats.

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  1. War on Terror? What war on terror?

    Isn’t our Glorious Leader just trying to pacify political insurgents to return a semblance of order to a war ravaged country?

    Terrorists? Get real! No such thing.

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