The Birdemic trailer.

Before you watch the BIRDEMIC – Shock and Terror, we should establish the… parameters of what you’re going to watch. Let me put it this way: you know this wonderful new world of desktop video editing and democratization of the creative process? This marvelous land of possibilities, where artistic visionaries finally have the tools to present their flights of fantasy? This audio-visual Utopia?

Behold its dark side.

And then there’s the HD Trailer, below the fold.

I got nothing. Except to blame AoSHQ Headlines for this.

3 thoughts on “The Birdemic trailer.”

  1. Next week’s “Syfy” movie has giant piranha’s snatching helicopters out of the air. One of their earlier productions had a shark biting a jet in half — while the jet was at cruising altitude.

    And, having worked on two 48-hour film projects — and sat throw the subsequent screenings — I can honestly say I’m immune to even the greatest levels of cheese and amateurism.

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