Reducing OH unemployment, one jobs czar at a time.

It’s… innovative, for a given value of ‘innovative:’ creating a new job in the Ohio state government to address why the Ohio state government has not been able to create jobs, I mean.

Ohio needs a jobs czar to envision ways of putting Ohioans back to work and to coordinate programs scattered across nine state agencies, a new report concludes.

The report, “Help Wanted: a Lead State workforce official,” depicts a system of overlapping and splintered programs and strategies that it says could be strengthened through a unity of purpose. The nonprofit Columbus-based Community Research Partners in Columbus released the report Thursday.

The above word ‘lead’ is meant in terms of ‘head’ or ‘chief’… and not in terms of ‘heavy, toxic weight,’ which is an accurate representation of the general effect of Democratic party policies on Ohio’s unemployment rate since Ted Strickland took office four years ago. 11%, these days: at this rate, they’ll have a czar to address why the job-creation czar hasn’t created more than one job by no later than June.  The state’s only hope is that they can somehow accelerate the process to the point where a new czar pops into existence every second…I know what you’re asking yourself.  You’re asking yourself, isn’t there a guy in the Ohio state government who is supposed to be all about the jobs? Why, yes: Lt. Governor Lee Fisher.  He’s running on a jobs platform, in fact.  And how is his working for jobs working out for Ohio?

COLUMBUS — While ASTAR Air Cargo Chief Executive John Dasburg gives often to political candidates, it’s rare than any of his money goes to Democrats.

He made an exception for Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher after seeing how the Democrat fought to keep DHL Worldwide in Wilmington. Dasburg’s company is a DHL contractor that lost jobs and business when the German company left town.


Despite Fisher’s efforts, DHL pulled out of Wilmington and jilted 8,000 workers. Fisher calls it “the greatest tragedy of this recession.”

Because it’s just a recession to Fisher; and I believe that you know the rest of that Reagan quote.  Certainly Rob Portman does.

Moe Lane

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