Kagan assaulted by Left for racism! #rsrh

For the record: I’m officially uninterested in defending Elena Kagan as a possible USSC pick.  She’s not of my party, and neither is the President who would be nominating her: and as Ed Morrissey notes here I share the plurality position that what we need now is a more conservative court.  So if the President wants my help on this, give me somebody I’m interested in helping.  Alternatively, he can take Ann Althouse’s (deviously) poisoned advice, nominate an open, proud liberal, and settle this nonsense once and for all.  Either way, William Jacobson’s examination of the Left’s preliminary character assassination of Kagan (H/T Instapundit) is merely of academic* interest to me…

…except for this bit.

A recent study was released, examining the 2004-2005 hiring cycle, which showed that minorities were significantly overrepresented in non-elite law school hiring, but seriously underrepresented at elite schools. Similar studies, for example by the American Association of Law Schools, have shown that despite substantial efforts by law schools, the percentages of minority professors lag.

Really.  Do tell.  Hey, don’t elite legal schools trend pretty hardcore liberal?


Question withdrawn.

Moe Lane

*Pardon the pun