Looks like they’re going to rip off White Wolf again.

It’s not that I particularly object to the way that Hollywood keeps mining The World of Darkness for ideas…

Will Smith has attached himself to star in and produce The Legend Of Cain, an epic re-telling of the Biblical sibling tale, this time with a vampiric twist.

…but maybe they could consider, you know, paying royalties and stuff?

Via Big Hollywood.

3 thoughts on “Looks like they’re going to rip off White Wolf again.”

  1. Wow – World of Darkness. That’s a game I haven’t played in years. Yea, that was an awesomely detailed world setting and honestly, it’s been so long since I’ve done any PnP RPing, I had forgotten all about that. I had played Mage a bit in college.

  2. I think that I’ve played precisely one Mage game; if I remember correctly, I ended up mutating myself into a werewolf, in classic Sons of Ether fashion. Which the GM* should have known perfectly well was going to happen.

    Personally, I always wanted to try a reverse-setting Technocracy-are-the-good-guys game.

    Moe Lane

    *Yeah, whatever. A GM is a GM is a GM.

  3. I played a great Mage game for people being introduced to the game – we all played a bunch of kids who suddenly discovered that they could do magic. We learned the system as our characters learned how to do magic. It was a lot of fun.

    I used to play TONS of d20 based games. Actually GMed a game set in the 1860s US where the party ended up preventing an anti-magical cult from blocking magic across the globe. The outcome? Dark Elves and Orcs invaded mid-Civil War and craziness ensued. It was fun.

    -Matt Newman

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