“Who is Elizabeth M. Ackland?”

No, I’m not doing an update of Atlas Shrugged – the name doesn’t really scan, does it? – but I’d like to note that Ms. Ackland features rather prominently in a Russ Feingold ad:

One of the people whose Russ Feingold’s tireless work in the Senate has benefited with a job!  Isn’t she lucky, in this wonderful, Democratic-controlled economic environment of 9.5% national unemployment!  Just one small problem, though: she’s apparently not real.

One piece of footage features a nameplate being placed outside an office or cubicle, and it appears the person named does not exist – not in voter databases, nothing on Lexus-Nexus, no such person on Facebook or other social media. In fact, the only Elizabeth Ackland that could be found in Wisconsin died in 1877.

A couple of thoughts on this:

  • On the one hand, it’s a shame that Senator Feingold couldn’t have found somebody in Wisconsin who actually got a job because of his party’s economic policies.
  • On the other hand, that might be difficult, given that his party’s economic policies are why there are a lot less jobs these days.  Hey, remember that awful Bush, that awful Republican Congress, and that awful January 2007 4.6% unemployment rate?
  • So, on the gripping hand, this is actually quite accurate.  A phony claim of economic recovery being supported by a phony new employed person.

So well done, Sen. Feingold.  Very post-modern of you: I never had you figured for being a devotee of performance art. God knows that you don’t know a blessed thing about Constitutional law…

Moe Lane

PS: No official candidate yet, so here’s the Wisconsin GOP site.

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