Rasmussen: Whitman clears 50% in CA-GOV.

That’s with leaners (51/43): without leaners¬† Meg Whitman’s ‘only’ up 48/40 over Moonbeam Brown. Which is itself a switch from an earlier 43/41 Brown lead from a Rasmussen poll from a couple of weeks ago.¬† Whitman is benefiting from strong Republican support, weak Democratic support of Brown, and winning independents… not to mention not being Moonbeam Brown.

In other news, Moonbeam is still trying to explain away his attempts to use government resources to fundraise from anti-American and anti-military hate groups. Apparently, he’ll take their dirty money, but he doesn’t want to associate with them too closely:

Brown defended his use of a state plane to travel to events attended by some campaign donors and rebutted criticism over his attendance of a fundraiser last week at the house of Jodie Evans, a longtime campaign supporter and co-founder of the leftist activist group Code Pink.

“All these people who worked on my campaign, they have nothing to do with Code Pink,” Brown said. “That was a Jodie Evans and my former campaign workers over many decades, that came to her house.

Details about that particular shindig with the Gold Star Mother-baiting, Saddam-supporting, desertion-supporting, wounded military-attacking, and Jew-hating Jodie Evans may be found here.  And as a reminder: Meg Whitman is none of those things.

Moe Lane

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