#rsrh RotD*, Jim Geraghty edition.

He asks:

Speaking of Arkansas, yesterday the NRSC distributed a release slamming Blanche Lincoln on taxes, and I thought, “isn’t there some Little League mercy rule she can invoke?”

I respond:


John Boozman for Senate.  So that we may crush our enemies, drive them before us, and hear the lamentations of the women.

Moe Lane

*”Response of the Day.”

One thought on “#rsrh RotD*, Jim Geraghty edition.”

  1. When the ‘mercy rule’ is invoked, the game is over….

    On the one hand, letting her admit defeat and leave the field would save resources for other contests.

    On the other, she deserves to be humiliatingly crushed, so #@!! yeah, run up the score!!

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