Moonbeam Brown (D CAND, CA-GOV) opens mouth, attacks… CLINTON?

Shared ellipsis unintentional.

Wait, what?

A quote from the video: “Meg Whitman. She stops at nothing. She’s even got Clinton lying about me. That’s right.” Note the tense, there… and, yes, that’s what Brown really said. And a little while later he went on to mock Bill Clinton by saying “I did not have taxes with that state.”

I assume that Brown wants to win the California gubernatorial election, yes? The one in 2010?

The background for this is what Mark Halperin calls “the best TV spot by any campaign all cycle:” Meg found some footage of then-Governor Clinton calling into question then-Governor Brown’s assertion that he lowered taxes*.

This was apparently enough to put Brown over the edge into – and I do not make this statement lightly – incoherency. I keep coming back to that assertion of Brown’s that Meg Whitman is apparently conniving with Bill Clinton right now to bring Brown down. Is this senility? Paranoia? Heck, is it even perhaps true?… which in some ways would be the most powerful indictment of Moonbeam Brown’s fitness to run, right there. It’s endlessly fascinating to contemplate.

Moe Lane

PS: Meg Whitman for Governor. Because this is Earth.

*If you’re wondering and you care, Brown has a little wriggle room on that particular issue. Alas, Brown has managed a cure worse than the disease.

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  1. Jerry Brown is a Democrat, an egotist, a True Believer in the leftoid program, and borderline insane.

    In other words, the perfect California Governor. Why oppose?


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