Democratic Death Panel Watch: Baron Hill, IN-09.

The DCCC is cutting Hill loose; while it’s being – nervously – categorized as being merely an internal dispute, the practical end result is that the section of the DCCC that can do unlimited funding (independent expenditures) has canceled critical ad time while the section of the DCCC that cannot (coordinated) will be offering, at best, a token 87K. Hill, of course, is the super-genius who did this last year:

His opponent is Todd Young, who Jim Geraghty notes is somebody who could use a little more funding himself. Hill is listed by both RCP and Cook as having a Toss-Up race; more to the point, [Hill’s*] precisely the sort of politician who thinks that his first name is also his job description.

Send him home.

Moe Lane

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*Edited to remove any ambiguity.

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  1. Um, Moe, wouldn’t Todd Young be the guy who DOESN’T think his first name is his job description?

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