“Knock down the Mississippi bridges,” Glenn.

That’s my answer to Glenn Reynolds’ question of how to get rid of the coyotes, which have now apparently expanded their range all the way to Manhattan. Knock down the bridges, create a hundred mile clear zone on either side enforced by spy satellites and automated incendiary rockets, and ruthlessly go through the Eastern Seaboard with dedicated animal control squads in environmental suits.

It’s the only way to be sure.  The coyote – much like the sea gull and the raccoon – thinks that this urbanization phenomenon is the Best. Thing. EVAR.  Screw going back to the plains and eating prairie dogs; humans just leave all this trash out in the middle of the street at night.

Moe Lane

PS: Then again, coyotes apparently love Canada goose eggs, and I – like most of the rest of the Northeast – loathe the Canada goose with the white-hot fury of a billion exploding suns.  So there’s that.