I have a bit of a recommendation for Bioware.

Patch its Firewalker and Overlord DLC for Mass Effect 2 so that it will permit saves of the Hammerhead portions…

OK, let me translate that.  ‘DLC’ is “DownLoadable Content:” add-ons for the Mass Effect 2 video game, which has sucked me in whole, now that Dragon Age’s DLC is over and done with.  Firewalker and Overlord are two DLCs that feature a new vehicle (the Hammerhead), which is a royal pain in the ass to maneuver and fire… and which you cannot save your game in the middle of playing those sequences, which means that when your vehicle burns in lava or acid you have to start the whole damned thing over again from the start.

This feature is annoying, and largely unnecessary, and the only reason why I’m still playing either DLC at this point is that I need the damned money I can generate from it to improve my squad before I go to the endgame.  This is not an optimal reason to play DLC.


Moe Lane

PS: Lair of the Shadow Broker rocked on toast, by the way.

5 thoughts on “I have a bit of a recommendation for Bioware.”

  1. I never had much of an issue with money, but that’s probably because I fanatically hacked datapads and such for the money (and reloaded if I failed).

    Firewalker just plain sucked, but then again it was free.

  2. I did not have problems with the platforming sections of the Hammerhead runs (then again, I was on the 360; platforming is not the keyboard ‘n’ mouse’s best suit).

    My issue was more the Hammerhead combat. A single Geth with a rifle is enough to blow up that Hammerhead with sustained fire (especially on Insanity). I eventually read that long-range fired worked, but is not particularly exciting.

    So, if Bioware is going to patch the Hammerhead stuff, I would not mind them throwing in some better defensive measures in too.

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