Hmm. Is there another Fallout 4 DLC coming…

…or is this merely a mistake? Or something that isn’t DLC? Or not even from Bethesda?  Many people are wondering, and speculating without any flipping knowledge whatsoever.  As to myself: I want a dang motorcycle.  I’m tired of walking everywhere.  Or a freaking bicycle.  I make nuclear fusion plants out of cans and board games; I’m sure I can make a damned bicycle.

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The “Dragon Age: Inquisition: Trespasser” trailer.

Here we go.

Interesting that the Inquisitor is apparently ‘officially’ female.  Which only makes sense, of course, but it’s still interesting that Bioware decided to be public about it. And it’s gonna be the last one for this game, too.  Surprise, surprise.

Rumor has it the DLC drops Tuesday.  Guess we’ll see…

The day of last-gen gaming console obsolescence approaches.

Generally speaking, “The default answer to any title question is ‘No’” rule should be in effect, here: Is Dragon Age: Inquisition Withholding DLC For Last Gen Consoles An Ethical Move?  Look, both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One both came out in 2013. It is now 2015. Both Sony and Microsoft are getting to the point where the PS3 and Xbox 360 are going to be no longer supported. At some point, gaming companies are going to have to take that into accou… what’s that? Oh, I do all my gaming on the PC. So, yeah, this doesn’t affect me at all; I’m expected to update my own blessed gaming console anyway.

So. There’s that.

My PJ Lifestyle piece on DLC is up!

Found here. Short version: people have issues with downloadable content (DLC). And I like to start fights in comments sections! No, seriously, there’s already one guy there telling me that I’m full of sh*t. Which is precisely what I (cheerfully) expected to have happen when I wrote the third sentence of the article’s first paragraph. The best part is, I don’t have to actually monitor THAT particular thread; :singsong: it’s-not-my-prob-lemmm…

Moe Lane

Single-player DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition?

I’ll believe it when I see it.

…fans can now rest assured that there will indeed be more content coming to Dragon Age: Inquisition in the future after Bioware’s Mark Darrah announced that DLC is now officially in development. Darrah, who works as the executive producer for Dragon Age: Inquisition, tweeted to fans to confirm that Bioware is now working on the first DLC add-on.

However, the content is still too early in development for Bioware to reveal details on what exactly the upcoming add-on may contain.

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Good news / bad news on the Shadowrun Returns front.

Bad news: they’re delaying the Berlin DLC until next January.  Good news: it’s going to be bigger.

We’ve heard a lot of questions from you wondering what to expect from Berlin. Well, our original plan called for a modest-sized campaign that we could ship by the end of October. However, after listening to your forum discussions and feedback, it became clear that you would like to see something bigger (and so would we). So, we’ve decided to spend more time on Berlin to create an experience closer to the size of Dead Man’s Switch. A story of that scope will take longer, so we’re targeting January for its release.

Guess I should go check the Steam content packs again, then.

Moe Lane

PS: The savegame issue is apparently going to be a real bear, thanks to the way the game is designed.  I dunno how they’re going to solve it, sorry.

Whaddya know: there ARE female turians.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Last week Bioware finally revealed to us Mass Effect players what a Turian female looks like via screenshots from Mass Effect 3’s upcoming Omega downloadable content.

The three screenshots showed her from a slight distance and she was hooded. But Bioware has posted a new image of the female Turian on its Facebook page. The posted image shows her full face.

Yeah, I know that Garrus said that he saw one, once – hell, he claimed to have bedded one. But I figured that he was just bullshitting me.


Um, I mean my Mass Effect 3 character. Yeah.  That’s what I meant.

Moe Lane

PS: November 27th.  Woo-hoo!

#rsrh DLC’s end?

It is a measure of how comprehensively centrist and moderate Democrats have been marginalized and neutered in their own party that these days the first online reaction to a title like the above would be What, Moe?  There’s not a chance at all that game companies are going to stop offering DownLoadable Content for their game titles.  That’s a stone cold moneymaker for them, that is.

And so it is… but the DLC that I’m actually referencing is the Democratic Leadership Council, which as Jim Geraghty chuckles, has finally fallen to the radiological warfare waged against it by the Daily Kos* and others of its… ilk?  Yes, ‘ilk’ seems appropriate.  Anyway, the DLC’s out of cash and has a shriveled-up, decimated staff – as above, so below, and all that – which means that the group may not survive to the end of, say, CPAC.  That would be marvelous, in fact: we’re already going to be celebrating retaking the House, red-shifting the Senate, routing the Democrats in the Midwest, mopping up the Democrats in the South, breaching the Democrats’ line in the Northeast, and generally retaking critical state legislatures and governments in the very nick of time… so being able to raise a glass in salute of the death rattle** of the iconic Democratic centrist group will just be the proverbial cherry on top.

And even if the DLC does survive a bit longer… well.  There ain’t no such thing as a conservative/moderate Democratic politician, anyway.  Having a zombie group around to hide that… won’t, really.

Moe Lane

*Hey, five years’ worth of paper-cuts… won’t do a blessed thing, actually; but it’s probably uncouth to not play along.

**I’ll use whatever metaphors I please.

I have a bit of a recommendation for Bioware.

Patch its Firewalker and Overlord DLC for Mass Effect 2 so that it will permit saves of the Hammerhead portions…

OK, let me translate that.  ‘DLC’ is “DownLoadable Content:” add-ons for the Mass Effect 2 video game, which has sucked me in whole, now that Dragon Age’s DLC is over and done with.  Firewalker and Overlord are two DLCs that feature a new vehicle (the Hammerhead), which is a royal pain in the ass to maneuver and fire… and which you cannot save your game in the middle of playing those sequences, which means that when your vehicle burns in lava or acid you have to start the whole damned thing over again from the start.

This feature is annoying, and largely unnecessary, and the only reason why I’m still playing either DLC at this point is that I need the damned money I can generate from it to improve my squad before I go to the endgame.  This is not an optimal reason to play DLC.


Moe Lane

PS: Lair of the Shadow Broker rocked on toast, by the way.