New DA:O DLC: ‘Golem of Amgarrak’?

That’s the word from the San Diego Comic-Con, at least: details here and here.  High-level dungeon crawl, apparently; I’ll need to tweak my Elven Mage/Arcane Warrior/Battlemage/Spirit Healer for full Things Go Boom Now effect.

It’s interesting to see the way that complaints about the DLC for Dragon Age: Origins change every single time a new one comes out.  I’m not used to the computer RPG social scene, oddly enough: this is the first game that really has had my wife and I aware of its larger online community.  We were trying to figure out why there was so much acrimony lurking in forums for corporate decisions about a game that nobody was being forced to buy, until we realized that said acrimony was mostly fueled by a general desire to complain

Moe Lane

PS: Mind you, Return to Ostagar should have been longer.