Latish news, but cool: Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall out in January 2014.

As everybody has noted, ‘the Berlin expansion’ just wasn’t cutting it as a name. Dragonfall is scheduled for the end of next month:

Developer Harebrained Schemes have revealed in a Kickstarter update that the expansion will feature a new full-length campaign, a new city location (Berlin, naturally), new weapons, new cyberware, new enemies, and new game editor features. You’ll also (finally) have the ability to save anywhere, much to the excitement of most players.

I should go take a gander at what’s new in user-generated content. I’ve been letting it percolate.

Good news / bad news on the Shadowrun Returns front.

Bad news: they’re delaying the Berlin DLC until next January.  Good news: it’s going to be bigger.

We’ve heard a lot of questions from you wondering what to expect from Berlin. Well, our original plan called for a modest-sized campaign that we could ship by the end of October. However, after listening to your forum discussions and feedback, it became clear that you would like to see something bigger (and so would we). So, we’ve decided to spend more time on Berlin to create an experience closer to the size of Dead Man’s Switch. A story of that scope will take longer, so we’re targeting January for its release.

Guess I should go check the Steam content packs again, then.

Moe Lane

PS: The savegame issue is apparently going to be a real bear, thanks to the way the game is designed.  I dunno how they’re going to solve it, sorry.

Just finished Shadowrun Returns.

More accurately, I just finished the core adventure.  Well worth the twenty bucks that I shelled out for it; it wouldn’t let me stop playing, which is always a good indication that I liked the game.  It’s a very old-school sort of game; no spoken dialogue, 2-D, a lot of text, not much in the way of character appearance customization… but the storyline was engrossing and it’s definitely cyberpunk (whether it’s old-school pen-and-paper Shadowrun is something I’ll leave to the people who played that game).  I look forward to playing new adventures, once they’ve shook out all the bugs and whatnot.

Moe Lane

PS: If I’m going to buy the RPG itself, should it be this one?

I’ve been deep into Shadowrun Returns today.

And I’m joining the consensus: it’s a good game now. One worth playing.  But it’s going to be fricking brilliant once the modders get their teeth into it. And the way it’s designed will give the modders a break: no voice acting, no navmeshing, no items that break umpteen billion different checkpoints… it’s pretty stripped down, which is kind of a relief at times.

Alas (for some), Steam only for the digital version and the modding, as far as I know.

Moe Lane

So, yeah, got sucked into Shadowrun Returns.

Pre-ordered it via PayPal (which means, thank you for the game). For those who don’t know the premise, it’s Cyberpunk + Elves; it started out as a tabletop RPG, but this is going to be a computer game*.  Hopefully, it’ll play on the iPad: if it does, I may give some consideration to running a campaign and using it as a combat simulator.

May.  It may be too gimmicky to do.

Moe Lane

*The game was actually the subject of some sub rosa (and anticipatory) chatter during CPAC.  There’s all sorts of quiet gamer types over here on the Right, I’ve found.  Can’t go to a political convention without somebody sidling up to me and admitting his or her secret “shame.”


First look at Shadowrun Returns.

I  didn’t do this particular Kickstarter (adaption of the Shadowrun cyberpunk-magic RPG into a computer game), but I think that at least one my readers did, and is looking forward to this coming out:

Via Do-Gooder Press.  Details of the game here: I’m half debating about whether I want to get it for the iPad.  I’m mostly hesitating because it’s a rule: Thou Shalt Not Get The Mac Version.  The resident community for mods is always going to be predominantly using PCs.  Still, touchscreen tablet would make this an easier game to use as an tabletop RPG accessory…