So, yeah, got sucked into Shadowrun Returns.

Pre-ordered it via PayPal (which means, thank you for the game). For those who don’t know the premise, it’s Cyberpunk + Elves; it started out as a tabletop RPG, but this is going to be a computer game*.  Hopefully, it’ll play on the iPad: if it does, I may give some consideration to running a campaign and using it as a combat simulator.

May.  It may be too gimmicky to do.

Moe Lane

*The game was actually the subject of some sub rosa (and anticipatory) chatter during CPAC.  There’s all sorts of quiet gamer types over here on the Right, I’ve found.  Can’t go to a political convention without somebody sidling up to me and admitting his or her secret “shame.”


4 thoughts on “So, yeah, got sucked into Shadowrun Returns.”

  1. Can’t Stand Will Wheaton politics, put his Table Top video have been fun to watch. Just got back into table top gaming. Playing X-wing minatures with my 7yo, what a fun game.

  2. There are .. parallels .. between RPGs and politics. For one, both require flexible minds.

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