First look at Shadowrun Returns.

I  didn’t do this particular Kickstarter (adaption of the Shadowrun cyberpunk-magic RPG into a computer game), but I think that at least one my readers did, and is looking forward to this coming out:

Via Do-Gooder Press.  Details of the game here: I’m half debating about whether I want to get it for the iPad.  I’m mostly hesitating because it’s a rule: Thou Shalt Not Get The Mac Version.  The resident community for mods is always going to be predominantly using PCs.  Still, touchscreen tablet would make this an easier game to use as an tabletop RPG accessory…

3 thoughts on “First look at Shadowrun Returns.”

  1. I’m probably not the reader you’re thinking of who supported this one, but let me say that given that Torment: Numenera won’t be out for like two years, you need to go ahead and treat yo’self.

  2. Did I hear someone call my name. I’ve heard things both good and bad about this game, I have friends who do beta testing. So I’m not sure if I’ll be in or out. All I can say is that at one point Shadowrun made me a whole lot of money. That was when I sold off the books. Choose your enemies wisely. They didn’t.

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