The day of last-gen gaming console obsolescence approaches.

Generally speaking, “The default answer to any title question is ‘No’” rule should be in effect, here: Is Dragon Age: Inquisition Withholding DLC For Last Gen Consoles An Ethical Move?  Look, both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One both came out in 2013. It is now 2015. Both Sony and Microsoft are getting to the point where the PS3 and Xbox 360 are going to be no longer supported. At some point, gaming companies are going to have to take that into accou… what’s that? Oh, I do all my gaming on the PC. So, yeah, this doesn’t affect me at all; I’m expected to update my own blessed gaming console anyway.

So. There’s that.

5 thoughts on “The day of last-gen gaming console obsolescence approaches.”

  1. The problem they have is that they haven’t dropped the console prices nearly enough yet to make it viable to drop support for the downlevel one. I have a friend that just bought a 360 for his kid last month, instead of an xbone. Why? They could get a used/refurbished one from Gamestop for under $150, and there are still way more games available for it than the xbone.

    Normally I own both consoles, but I haven’t bothered with an xbox this generation, and there are few enough games coming out that even the PS4 is mostly a Netflix box. If the xbone dropped to $249 or so, I’d probably grab one.

    By the way, they aren’t the first company to do this – most of the ‘recent’ enhancements to Diablo III, some of which are quite fun, are PC/PS4/XBone only.

  2. The XBone has been a real disaster. Too many features no one wanted (TV passthrough and Kinect), not enough quality first party games, underpowered and weirdly XBL kind of sucks for network play this time round. Nintendo I can understand going for less power, but Microsoft just plain made bad design choices. Sony has had their troubles too, but so far MS has just handed it all over to them without much of a fight.

    1. FWIW, I love the TV features, bought a Kinect after the fact to take better advantage of them, and it’s the main reason why I’ve got an XB1 instead of a PS4 …

  3. It’s coming this fall, with the launch of Fallout 4, quickly followed by a bunch of other AAA games that are exclusive to next-gen.
    There haven’t been many, if any, games worth playing on the next gen that weren’t also availible on current gen.
    And the side by side comparisons that tried to push me to buying in early, only established that I can hardly tell the difference with a direct comparison.

  4. And of course the new Rock Band 4 coming out in October is only on PS4 and XB1. So if I want to play that (my son and I play RB3 a lot on the Wii) – we have to buy a PS4 and new drums/guitars that are compatible since the Wii ones won’t be.

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