My PJ Lifestyle piece on gaming a cult.

Found here. Short version: easy enough to do the robes-and-chanting-and-sacrifice sorts, but you can do better.  Also, David Drake’s collection of short stories (Balefires) has a cracking good story in it (“…Than Curse the Darkness”) that should be required reading for anybody trying to do Cthulhu Mythos-style cultists.  Drake absolutely sells what it would take to get people with the proper nihilism – and it’s alarming, because he actually toned down the historical record a little when doing it.  Check it out.

My PJ Lifestyle piece on innovating zombies in RPGs.

Found here. Short version: there’s actually a bit that you can do with zombies in your campaign, and I didn’t even get to zombie pets or metaphors for the environment.  Although… a zombie campaign done in the style of the 1970s disaster movie genre could be hysterical.  Polyester leisure suits, and all.