QotD, What’s Wrong With ‘Old-Fashioned?’ edition.

Megan McArdle, on GUESS WHO*?

Call me old-fashioned, but I think that social sanction can be very helpful in assisting us in doing important but difficult things.  Marriage is stronger if people who find out that their friends are cheating don’t say, “Awesome, is he hot?” but “How could you do that to Jason?” Marriage is stronger if people who cheat are viewed with slight revulsion, and so are the (knowing) people who they cheat with.  Marriage is stronger when people who decide not to care for seriously ill spouses are met with an incredulous “What the hell is wrong with you?”, not “Yeah, I couldn’t handle that either.”  Of course it would be nicer if we didn’t need this sort of help.  But we are a flawed species.


I’m not saying that we should spend weeks and months torturing the guy–that’s up to his wife, if she wants to.  But I don’t think that the media should have hushed up something that was, um, very public . . . or that it’s somehow out of bounds to say that, unless she was really enthusiastically supporting his desire to text photos of his body parts all across our fair land, this was a really remarkably sh[*]tty thing to do to his wife.

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Frank Castle will not be the best man, alas.

It’s apparently a slow day at CNN. It’s not supposed to be a slow day for me, but I am finding it difficult to buckle down and do what I should be doing. So… this.

Anyway, Hot Air Headlines is already starting in on the mockery, but this could actually be all right – as long as the author goes with the implied suggestion in my title and actually does make Frank Castle the best man. After all, he’s already part of that universe’s continuity.

No. Really.